About the Artist

Hadden Sharapov is a contemporary artist mixing fashion and fine art in a new and exciting way.

Turning old bags into new art, echoes the story of how diamonds and gems are slowly shaped into something new and unrecognizable and is a wonderful reflection on growth, metamorphosis, and rebirth.

Hadden sources worn out and often unusable vintage handbags, that are authenticated by a third-party authenticator. The bags are then cut into sheets of canvas, on which she paints her gems, insects, monograms and more.

"Change is hard, but it can be beautiful.
I hope that my artwork is a reminder that change does not have to be scary, and out of our most vulnerable times can come our most vibrant."

About Hadden...

Drawing inspiration from her time growing up in Alabama, Hadden creates unapologetic pieces that are centered around nature and organic materials.
Her work today is a reflection of her lifelong passions of fashion, art and sustainability paired with a study on of change, rebirth and metamorphosis.

Since launching Hadden Sharapov Art in 2021, Hadden's work has been featured globally and can be found in a growing number of retail showrooms. 
+ Signed with Katerina Perez's online gem-focused art gallery - The Flair Project.
+ Showed at the Gem Geneve Gem and Jewelry show in Geneva, Switzerland. 
+ Showed at the International Gem & Jewelry Show in Denver, Co. 
+ Moved to Los Angeles.
+ Partnered with Liyah's Luxuries for all third party bag authentifications. 
+ Started selling online and in store at The Foundry Fine Jewelry in Calabasas, CA. 

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Please note that Hadden Sharapov Art is not in any way affiliated with brands or trademarks. ALL bags used have been third party authenticated. Hadden Sharapov Art is not competing, misrepresenting, or being mistaken for any other brand. Hadden Sharapov Art is well within it's/her rights to freedom of artistic expression.

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