After three years, I picked up a paint brush and some watercolor paint again! 

I've exclusively been working with acrylic paint the past few years, but watercolors are my roots. I'm thrilled to relearn their language, and be able to put my ideas on paper a bit faster. 

My recent daydreams are of watercolor butterflies, bows, and crowns all pretty for you to enjoy. 

Here's what I'm thinking...

I'm not selling any original watercolor works right now, because I'm planning on digitizing them to make prints, stationary, and other beautiful paper goods and accessories that I know you'll LOVE.

Once I have a few edited and in my computer, I'm planning on doing an original watercolor painting giveaway (and perhaps selling some, or taking commissions later on)! 

So, if you like what you see, make sure you are subscribed to my email newsletter to stay up to date on any giveaways, or releases! 

Feeling especially happy to be able to create for you today. Thanks for following. 

xoxo, Hadden


December 23, 2023

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