Sustainability has always been in mind when doing business or creating art. 

When I was customizing leather goods for my previous workI would always use pre-loved items so to not release any more pain and pollutants onto the Earth - other than those caused by shipping. The bags I use for my artwork today are no different. 

I spend countless hours sourcing authentic and often times vintage bags to use in my collections. The repurposing part is always fun since I get to rip apart these iconic bags and create something totally new. Each piece I create has the name of the bag it originated so add a bit more intrigue. 

Originally, I had the idea to turn Louis Vuitton bags into canvases for art in December of 2019 while traveling to Moscow to visit my husband's family. At the time, I was just launching my first art business customizing leather items and ended up waiting and entire year before I actually put the idea into practice.

 The Louis Vuitton brand has become an even larger sensation than previous decades, and the classic monogram I think can be explored to help provide context to the current culture of today. 

However, I think the absolute coolest part of repurposing Louis Vuitton handbags for my art, is that each bag has already lived a long life and has a story to tell. It is so wonderful to think about where each piece of monogram canvas I use has come from, how far its traveled, the joy it brought someone, and the things its done. 

Now with my art, these bags get to live on and tell a new story - how cool is that?


Please note that Hadden Sharapov Art is not affiliated in any way with Louis Vuitton or any LVMH brands. 

January 30, 2021

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