Did you know Alabama is the most biodiverse state in the country? 

I know you're probably thinking, "Really? Are you sure about that?". I am. Feel free to Google it. 

Growing up there, I was unaware of how spoiled I was in terms of nature, insects, and fresh air. Now living in Colorado I realize there just aren't the same amount of vibrant green trees and a never-ending slew of new bugs to discover.

I've always been a nature lover. Starting from a very young age my dad would wake me up in the early morning to go hunting with him in the chilly damp woods. There, I discovered the tranquility of nature and learned to leave no trace. While he may have bribed me with hot pink coconut covered Hotess Snowballs, it gave me an appreciation for nature that I still cherish today. 

As I grew up, I often found my peace in nature by hiking, backpacking, camping, climbing, paddling - or most often simply finding a cozy spot at my favorite park to sit and think. 

I started collecting insects while in high school. Wonderful, colorful bugs can be found almost anywhere in Alabama, so my first specimens were found wandering around my house. Gorgeous dragonflies, moths, beetles, and butterflies were everywhere - and I absolutely fell in love with them! 

I started creating a collection by both finding and buying my specimens. It was in my AP Art class in high school that I first started exploring bugs in my artwork. It started with a large watercolor cicada that is still one of my favorite pieces, and evolved to luna moths, butterflies, all the way to my new insect collection.

If you are familiar with my work and aesthetic, then you are familiar with my affinity for butterflies. I do find it a bit cliche to enjoy butterflies as much as I do, but I think there is something to be said about why people are so attracted to them.

The idea of metamorphosis is one of hope. You are not confined to the parameters that you were born with. With time, self-love, and hard work you can transform yourself into something new - someone new - and be free from the outside and inside forces that are holding you back from your authentic self. I think butterflies are inspiring - magical even.

I'll leave this post here to discuss the details of the collection another time. 




Please note that Hadden Sharapov Art is not affiliated in any way with Louis Vuitton or any LVMH brands. 



September 13, 2021

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