Can you tell which is a print and which is an original piece? Let's find out. 

First, let's define original. 

An original piece is a hand-made final iteration of a piece of work.

For me, that means I've sourced and authenticated a bag, cut it to size, mounted the canvas, sketched the shape, gessoed and sandpapered where the painting will go, and then painted it, sealed it and finally framed it.

In the end I've created an original piece of art

Okay, but what is a print?

A print is a reproduction of an original piece. This can mean many things to many artists. For me, I create my prints in-house on archival Hahnemühle bamboo paper that are (most often) true to original size. 

Meaning, I've photographed my original piece, edited it in Adobe Lightroom to make it as close to perfect as possible, and then printed it on archival (museum quality) premium paper. (Honestly, I go through anywhere from 5-10 edits and tests before I get a reproduction I'm happy with.)

When framed my prints are practically identical to originals - only lacking in the original texture. 

Did you figure it out?

The artwork featured is my Ornate Bella Moth Original. There are no prints available for this piece (this is a test print for blog purposes). 

Please message or email me if you have any additional questions - I am happy to help! 


January 05, 2023

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