Do you hear the fluttering of wings?

Get ready, because a new collection is coming soon. 

My newest collection of Butterflies & Moths is launching Saturday, October 15

This collection will include 6 colorful butterfly + moth minis, and three larger pieces all available on my website. 

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About the collection...

Since high school I have had a love and fascination with insects. I would often be able to just walk outside my house and collect the most stunning and intricate butterflies, beetles, dragonflies, moths, etc. Over time this adoration for bugs has only grown stronger, and I love exploring them through my artwork. 

For me, painting these winged insects is a cathartic representation of growth, change, and more literally metamorphosis. From the vintage bags that I use, to the beautiful insects I paint - I strive for my work to represent the beauty in change.

More importantly, 

I hope that my artwork is a reminder that change does not have to be scary, and out of our most vulnerable times can come our most vibrant.

I hope you enjoy my new collection just as much as I enjoyed creating it! 

September 08, 2022

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