I love cozy, eclectic style with an organic feeling and a pop of color. This is exactly how I would style my living room around my Pink Butterfly Gem Painting! 

It was so hard to narrow down all of my favorites, but I know you will love these too! 

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(Starting from the top left and going down.)

1. Tiger Rug - Would be so cool layers on top of another rug!

2. Pink Butterfly Gem Painting - Love this as a nice pop of color to brighten up a room, or hung above a table. 

3. Gold Butterfly Side Table - The cutest table will make you smile every time you use it. 

4. Butterfly Incense Sticks - Love the design, and the smell even more. 

5. Pink Fringe Floor Lamp - Talk about ambiance lighting!

6. Green Stripe Pillow Cases - Adore striped pillows, and love this color. 

7. 'Good Thing' Needlepoint Pillow - Never met a needlepoint pillow I didn't like. 

8. Schumacher Green Vanderbilt Pillow Case - My favorite upholstery fabric ever. 

9. Couch - Cozy and simple. 

10. Animal Print Rug - Animal print is a neutral, right?

11. Pink Acrylic Chair - Love the look of this!

12. Round Coffee Table - Modern organic feel goes with so much!

13. Glass Opal Lamp - Another ambient lighting stunner. 

14. Amethyst Candle - No words. 

15. Evil Eye Candle - Coolest candle on the block. 

16. Gold Bow Hook - The sweetest. 

17. 'Be Bold' Blue Rug - Passes vibe check. 

18. Beetle Pillow - The more bugs, the better. 

19. Fish Art Print - I have an obsession with fish art, and simply adore this print! 

Let me know if you have any favorites! 

Much love, 

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July 27, 2023

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