Hadden Sharapov Art is now officially collaborating with Liyah's Luxuries for all Louis Vuitton authentication. 

Do I use real Louis Vuitton handbags to create my work? Always. 

Every bag that comes through my studio gets third party authenticated by the wonderfully talented Liyah's Luxuries to ensure no counterfeit items are ever turned into your artwork. 

All framed artworks created after 7.1.22 will have a QR code attached to back of painting that references Liyah's certificate of authenticity for the bag used to create that specific piece. 

To get your Louis Vuitton items authenticated, you can visit  https://liyahsluxuries.com to access her services. 

I highly recommend following her on Instagram @liyahsluxuries for educational content, care tips, and myth busting on all things Louis Vuitton! ( I learn something new every time she posts! )

Thank you for your continued love and support. 

Reach out via the message button on bottom right corner, through Instagram @haddensart, or via email at hadden@haddensharapov.com.

much love, 



July 04, 2022

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