About the Artist

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Meet Hadden.

Pronounced "Had-den".

Your home is an extension of you, so it should share in your vivid personality.  Artwork is meant to make you smile and bring you joy everyday. 

With my dazzling acrylic creations made on repurposed Louis Vuitton canvas handbags, I create artwork that likes to have fun - just like you.

About Hadden...

Hadden Sharapov is a contemporary artist mixing fashion and fine art in a new and exciting way.
Drawing inspiration from her time growing up in Alabama,
 she creates unapologetic pieces that are centered around nature and organic materials.
Her work today is a reflection of her lifelong passions of fashion, art and sustainability paired with a resounding sense of unapologetic expression and rebirth. 
Upon graduating university with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Business, she opted to combine her artistic passions and scholastic acumen to create works of art that focus on showcasing the depths within frivolity. 

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Please note that Hadden Sharapov Art is not in any way affiliated with Louis Vuitton or any LVMH brands. All Louis Vuitton items represented in Hadden Sharapov Art are categorically repurposed from vintage handbags and used to make canvas for fine art; thus transforming the canvas into something new.

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Hadden Sharapov Art Is Moving to Los Angeles!

If you are based in Los Angeles and would like to connect, please feel free to reach out through the "chat with us" button, direct message on Instagram @haddensart, or through email at hadden@haddensharapov.com.