About the Artist

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Meet Hadden.

Pronounced "Had-den".

Your home is an extension of you, so it should share in your vivid personality.  Artwork is meant to make you smile and bring you joy everyday. 

With my dazzling acrylic creations made on repurposed Louis Vuitton canvas handbags, I create artwork that likes to have fun - just like you.

My Inspiration...

Growing up in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama I dreamt of a more colorful and unapologetic life.  Today, my work encompasses the sparkling oddities that brought me joy in my adolescence painted upon repurposed Louis Vuitton canvas handbags.

Many of my collections are inspired by things that I enjoyed exploring whilst growing up in the South - paired with a dash of spunk. 

Common themes in my work are natural elements and specimens such as : diamonds and gemstones, insects, and botanics. In addition, I have an affinity for southern classics like chinoiserie and fine china, as well as retro themes like disco and Donna Summer.  

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Please note that Hadden Sharapov Art is not in any way affiliated with Louis Vuitton or any LVMH brands. All Louis Vuitton items represented in Hadden Sharapov Art are categorically repurposed from vintage handbags and used to make canvas for fine art; thus transforming the canvas into something new.

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Get a behind the scenes look...

Now Represented by The Flair Project by Katerina Perez

I am happy to announce that Hadden Sharapov was one of the 15 debuting artists  hand picked to be represented by The Flair Project by Katerina Perez. 

Thoughts on My New Insect Collection

I started collecting insects while in high school. Wonderful, colorful bugs can be found almost anywhere in Alabama, so my first specimens were found wandering around my house.

Why I use Re-purposed Louis Vuitton Handbags in my Artwork

Now with my art, these bags get to live on and tell a new story - how cool is that?